DLOS - Digital Library Operating System

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digital library operating system
  • SAW - Simplified Access to the Web
  • Personal Documents Manager
    (works seamlessly with KIC)
  • My$ - Personal Finance/Budget Tool
  • $5 Computer in the palm of your hand
DLOS customers

Not everyone is comfortable using computers to find what they need. DLOS gives users with very little, or no experience using browsers a simplified view where they can touch a visual representation of the information they seek. Each DLOS screen provides helpful pointers and encouragement as the user views links to important information on a wide variety of topics.

DLOS customers

For example, patrons can touch the DLOS screen to see a local bus or rail schedule, watch a video to learn about community services available to them, apply for healthcare insurance, print tax forms, write local or state officials, safely store personal documents, access email and social media and much more!


With KIC Study System

MyDocs Swipe to find
  • Secure
  • Accessible
  • Easy to Use

Find Your PDFs and Photos Visually

Swipe to Find Your Documents and Images Faster with MyDocs
We’ve all experienced how time-consuming it is find our documents and photos once we have hundreds of them in our tablets and phones. MyDocs has put an end to that frustration with its patented “swipe to find” matrix that’s fast, fun and silent.

Simply import your PDF files directly from your library’s KIC scanning station, from your photo gallery or from the Cloud. Be sure to tag your content in KIC or use MyDoc’s high-speed tagging feature to add information “tags” to each picture, document or other information. Then use MyDoc’s Patented Swipe-to-Find feature to scroll tag lists and images and quickly find the PDF or photo you need.
MyDocs Swipe to find
Swipe up/down and left/right to move through thousands of pages of your personal documents and find any document faster than ever before.
dlos customers

I Feel Good Knowing That My Important Legal and Personal Documents are Safe and Completely In My Control

I took my important family documents, medical records, financial paperwork, and even my social security card and drivers license to my local library and used the KIC station there to scan everything to my DLOS MyDocs USB. Now I know it’s all safe and easy for me to find anytime I need it.

I use MyDocs at the library to manage all of our family photos and everything that my son makes for me in preschool.

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dlos interface

dlos logo Turn any USB Thumb Drive into a $5 Computer

Plug a USB Thumb Drive into DLOS PC, and it instantly becomes your very own personal computer.

It remembers your browser cookies and browser history. Your documents and photos become instantly accessible and can be viewed, organized, faxed and printed via an interface that is designed especially for the technically timid. Information created/gathered and managed by DLOS applications such as My$$ is stored in an area called My Stuff.

digital library operating system
  • Affordable
  • Secure
  • Accessible
  • Easy to Use
With a USB Flash Drive to Hold All Personal Information, Including Web Browser Cookies, Personal Documents & Photos, a Single DLOS Station Can Serve as the Private PC for Hundreds of Library Patrons
DLSG Product Ecosystem

USB Flash Drive = MyPC

Our library’s DLOS stations are great, and with a USB flash drive, any DLOS station becomes my own PC.

  • Helps me find important information on the Web
  • Helps me organize my documents, photos, and my budget
  • Gives budget tips and actually helps me reach my spending and savings goals
  • Remembers my browsing cookies
  • Works great with KIC Scan/Print/Fax stations
DLSG Product Ecosystem

I never really thought about owning my own PC because it was never in my budget, but now I can’t see doing without one.

I didn’t know much about computers, but when my local library let me know that all I needed was a USB memory stick, that got me interested in finding out what I could do with one. Now all my important documents are on my keychain, and any time I need them, I just go to the library.

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DLOS Station

With a USB Flash Drive to Hold All Personal Information, Including Web Browser Cookies, Personal Documents & Photos, a Single DLOS Station Can Serve as the Private PC for Hundreds of Library Patrons